“The bunnies were there and the bunnies were here.. and here is few of those”

Vaasa(Finland) - Wasa Graffitilandia (2023)
"Citybunny's chapel brings security, comfort and happiness in Vaasa. This work of art gives its viewer a chance for forgiveness. The altar was built in the summer of 2023 in Vaasa graffitilandia. And if only holy citybunny will allow us, it's still standing."
Benalmadena (Spain) - Club Imagine (2018)
"The club in Spain gathered a large number of international citybunny fans for the opening. 'Zumie and the Citybunny madness' art exhibition itself was open for the whole month, while customers and visitors enjoyed the Club's gifts and good music, they got to know the art world of one city bunny artist. The Citybunny painting in the middle of the wall remained as a permanent piece of art to decorate the club."